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Here are some downloads that may be of interest:

dictionary.zip (5.5 MB)
An electronic Dutch dictionary.

dutch-xxl.zip (701.4 KB)
A large plain-text file with some 240,000 Dutch words (sorted alphabetically).

playing_dutch_dvds.pdf (125.6 KB)
Information on playing Dutch (and other European) DVDs in the U.S.

sinterklaas.pdf (92.5 KB)
Background information on the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition (December 5).

wilhelmus.mid (3.1 KB)
The Dutch national anthem as a MIDI file.

wilhelmus.mp3 (707.3 KB)
The Dutch national anthem as an MP3 file.

wilhelmus.zip (696.1 KB)
The Dutch national anthem (both MP3 and MIDI file).
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