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With more than twenty-five years of translation experience under my belt, including five years as a full-time, in-house translator at a large translation agency in the Netherlands, I'm a seasoned language professional. With the Dutch equivalent of a master's degree in English linguistics from the University of Nijmegen, I have the background, skills, and experience to handle complex language projects. Even though my fulltime job as a senior documentation manager at Oracle keeps me quite busy, I still occasionally do translations and provide other Dutch language services on a freelance basis.

What do I do?
I focus on technical translations and other Dutch language services in the technical field. I've translated technical texts from English to Dutch and Dutch to English on a wide variety of subjects, but over the years I've come to specialize in the areas of information technology (including software translations), telecommunications, process control, electrical engineering, and electronics. In addition to translations, I've also done linguistic QA work for hardware and software vendors, for example checking Dutch software user interfaces or verifying voice prompts for an enterprise voice and messaging system. Occasionally, I've also provided Dutch voiceover services.

What don't I do?
I firmly believe that no serious translator can take on just any document about any subject. I know where my strengths lie and that's why, in principle, I don't translate strictly medical texts (I do technical texts with a medical angle, however), legal documents, and literary works. I prefer to stick to the types of texts I know I can do well, and gladly leave the others to translators who have specialized in these fields.

References, samples, and rates are available on request. If you have further inquiries, please contact me.
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